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    First thanks you to Our company website care and the support, hoped that here deepens both sides to understand, seeks for the broad cooperation opportunity.

    Receives by sets up the management idea which honestly the letter, humanist, uses quality to compete. Maintains to the domestic and foreign customers the prompt communication and the consummation post-sale service.
2.6- two ethyl aniline
2nd, 6- two isopropyl anilines
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Add:Puyang wins the calling and south the Pu waterway road intersection 50 meter

    Henan Yingtai Agrochemical Co.,Ltd is a China and US Joint venture which in the future the agricultural Limited company and the American medicine chemical industry investment Limited company will pool capital by Henan to construct. The company sets up the being established in October, 2005, the registered capital 15,000,000 Renminbi, the Chinese side owns stocks 60%, the US side owns stocks 40%. The company wins west the calling located at the Puyang chemical industry development zone the section, occupies a land area of 300 Chinese acres, phase of project land 60 Chinese acres, construction scale to yearly produce 15,000 ton 2- methyl - 6- ethyl aniline (MEA), 15,000 tons neighbouring methylanilines, 5000 ton DEA. Has finished officially in August, 2006 the production, and achieves the design productivity in October. ...... >> detailed content

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